"Know your rights, be represented"


We appear on a regular basis at the Sheriff Court on behalf of children and parents following referral from The Children's Panel on a variety of issues. These can include: a child being accused of committing a crime; parent or parents being accused of mistreating or failing to care for their children; children failing to attend school without reasonable excuse etc. On these occasions the children's reporter will serve grounds of referral with a statement of supporting facts. If any matters are denied the matter is sent to the local Sheriff Court for proof. You should seek legal advice as a matter of urgency in these situations. We are registered with The Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide Children's Legal Assistance and appointed duty solicitors for Hamilton Sheriff Court jurisdiction. Can a child have a lawyer? Yes. If you are 12 or more the lawyer will have to be sure that you are old enough to understand what is happening and tell them what you want to do. If you are under 12 your lawyer will have to make sure you understand what is involved.