"Who should have a power of attorney? Everyone!"


None of us know what the future holds for us regardless of age, health or lifestyle and so we strongly recommend that everyone considers granting a power of attorney. When the very worst happens having a will in place is advisable. It is important to also consider what would happen if you were to become very ill or have an accident and require assistance with both your welfare and your finances.


No one has an automatic right to take actions on your behalf without legal authority. A power of attorney is a registered legal document which gives someone else - your Attorney(s) - authority to make decisions or take actions on your behalf when you are unable to do so for yourself. When granting a power of attorney you do not lose any of your own powers. You must also be compos mentis i.e. of sound mind, to grant power of attorney. Your Attorney(s) can make financial and legal decisions for you as soon as you wish.


Welfare and care decisions can only be made by your attorney(s) if you are medically certified as being unable to make decisions for yourself. Should you lose the capacity to make these decisions, become suddenly ill or have an accident then the State will be required to make these decisions for you. You, and your family, will have little control over these decisions which may affect your home, your welfare and care and your finances. Your family may need to go to Court to get legal authority to make decisions for you. Rather than worry about what might happen, we can give you the peace of mind to know that everything is in place to support you and your family, when you need it most. Don't leave it until it's too late.