"On average, three times the pre-litigation offer"


 We understand that an accident is a traumatic experience. We know as well as the physical pain and suffering, the disruption to your lives and those of your family can be enormous. We are here to help, to listen and to understand your individual circumstances. To put right what we can and at least make sure you have been financially compensated for your losses as a result of your accident and the injuries you have sustained.


Road Traffic Accident

Motorcycling accident

Cycling accident

Spinal Injuries

Accident at work

Industrial disease claims

Clinical negligence

Cosmetic/Beauty claims

Employment Law

General accidents

Foreign travel accident

Criminal Injuries


Product defects

We are a member of the Compensate network - a specialist firm which have been working in the field of accident compensation claims for personal injuries in Scotland for many years. Our formula for success is using, from the outset, highly qualified and experienced lawyers combined with what we believe is an excellent level of service. We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing which organisation to use to consider your personal injury claim. Whether it is adverts, which regularly appear on the television, to the many websites offering to take on your claim, in Scotland we truly believe we are number one. We know through keeping records for many years what level of compensation you should be obtaining for your loss after an accident.

Our records show that we gain, on average, three times the pre-litigation offer. Combining this with our ability to fully fund your case from the outset, you will never be asked to pay a penny towards this cost, means you could not be in safer hands to access the justice you deserve.

What is No win No fee and why is this important?

We offer a truly no win no fee service. What do we mean by this? No win no fee is a marketing slogan, it has no legal basis, anyone can say no win no fee. The reality is all in the small print, what does it actually mean. A true no win no fee arrangement which means you, the client will not have to pay a penny throughout your case. And if the case is lost, we will pay all the other side's legal cost. How do we do this? We fund your case using the funding company Compensate which insures your case and we pay that policy cost. So that takes care of the bill in the event of losing your case. That is only half the story, the real benefit of the way we fund your case is our ability to then fully investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. Firstly to establish who is to blame, if this is disputed, and secondly to engage with experts in a number of fields to fully understand the nature of your injuries and the long term effects of those injuries.

Will you be able to return to work? Will you be able to do the same job? Will your injury cause long term effects and therefore at some point in the future will you have to give up work? Just a few of the many questions we will need to consider and seek expert advice on to establish the correct level of compensation you need to receive to put you back financially to the position you were before your accident. All these experts cost money, our funding solution for your case pays for these experts and allows us to fully prepare your case.

Why is this important? In most cases we will be dealing with an Insurance company and their overriding priority is to offer you as little money as possible. In a great deal of cases the person at fault is not disputed, the argument is all about the level of compensation. If you don't have the financial backing to fully investigate the case and be prepared to go to court, if necessary, the insurance company will get away with under settling the case. So if you are considering another firm or a claims agency, remember to ask them how they fund the case, what medical expertise they will seek to bolster your case and are they prepared to litigate (go to court) on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve?

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