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The majority of the adult population spend many hours at work and inevitably are impacted by employment law issues. There is a significant and ever increasing amount of legal regulation in this field which impacts significantly on employees and employers. Employment law issues impact financially and emotionally on employees and have significant business impact on employers. We can assist in guiding you through the minefield of ever changing statutory provisions. We are also highly experienced in the tactics of an employment law dispute, which are often just as significant as the underlying law.

Our lawyers are experienced in preparing contracts for every type of employee, advising on policies and procedures, and if things do go wrong, we assist and represent both employers and employees very regularly in the Employment Tribunal, including in many cases, presenting the case.

When advising employers, our services are competitively priced with an emphasis on cost/commercial risk. When advising employees, we consider all available funding options including "No Win/No Fee".

This introduction to our services is not intended to advise on the law but we do consider it is worth pointing out that in virtually all cases where there is a difficulty in the employment relationship, resulting in possible internal grievance or disciplinary procedures, due to recent statutory changes it is critical for either employer or employee to take legal advice at an early stage to significantly reduce the risk of subsequent problems arising.

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